Welcome to the world of DrainPipe, a fast paced 2D platform shooter.  You play as the heroic rat Ratfink as you navigate the world’s sewers on your quest to find home.

Armed with a rodent sized arsenal of weapons he must fight off inescapable hordes of nasty spiders. You have to be sneaky, move quickly and be very accurate – those pesky spiders have a mean bite!

Will you be able to get Ratfink home?

Key Features:

  • Fast Paced Experience – you are given just 2 minutes to survive swarms of spiders that are bent on biting your arms, tail and just about any bits that are covered in fur.
  • Time Warping – time (or rather the spiders) only move when you do so move carefully.
  • The Ultimate Rat Arsenal – lots weapons, lots of power ups, lots of boom!
  • Wacky Graphics – just about the zaniest 2D animations and cartoon graphics (we are also wondering why Ratfink does not have any legs or a tail?).
  • Progressive experience – Each level has score challenges, weapon pickups and bonus power ups. Use everything at your disposal to thwart those pesky spiders.
  • Locations – you get to explore 12+ various wacky sewers (and spiders) of the world.
  • Optimized for Mobile and PC Experience – In addition to accelerometer and touch control use a keyboard and mouse PC controls.

Available on:

Download DrainPipe in the Windows Store

Download Drainpipe on the Google Play Store